“ok, glass”

12th May 2013

The original Google Glass announcement left me stunned. I had never seen anything like it before. To me, it was one of the only product announcements that has come close to the unveiling of the iPhone in 2007.
Just like back then, it was a moment so exciting that I couldn’t resist telling everyone I knew about it. Sure, the Project Glass concept video that was released in April 2012 was exciting, but to see the product become a reality was something else entirely.
Google Glass is not the evolution of the Smartphone. It’s an entirely new product that’s in a class of it’s own. Glass’ purpose is to enhance the world around us, not distract us from it. It augments our reality, bringing the physical and the digital together in perfect harmony. It’s there when we need it and it’s invisible when we don’t.
Everyone I’ve showed it to tells me the same thing. They tell me “It’s like something from the future”. I agree with them. Google Glass is years ahead of its time, but to me it just means that the future is already here, and it’s a future that’s made of Glass.

Introducing: “ok, glass”

Disclaimer: This project, titled “ok, glass” has been designed purely for personal, non commercial use. These concepts were created over a single weekend and remain a work in progress that will be updated over time. They may not strictly follow the Google Glass UI guidelines and do not necessarily reflect the views or plans of Google. Google Glass, the Glass logo, the Twitter logo and the TFL logo are registered trademarks of Google, Twitter and TFL, respectively. The rights to all photographs, icons and vector shapes used within this project belong to their respective owners, who have been given credit at the bottom of this page.

"ok, glass" - Google Glass UI Concept Designs
Google Glass - Running Man Icon
“ok glass, how’s my run going?”
Google Glass - Running
Tap Glass for more information.
Google Glass - Run History
Tap Glass again to share your achievement with your friends.
Google Glass - Share Run
Google Glass - Speedometer Icon
“ok glass, how fast are we going?”
Google Glass - Speedometer
Google Glass - Translate Icon
“ok glass, translate this.”
Google Glass - Translate
Speak like a local.
Google Glass - Translation
Google Glass - User Icon
“ok glass, get Sergey’s info.”
Google Glass - Sergey Brin
You’ll never forget a face again.
Google Glass - Sergey Brin
“ok glass, save Izzy’s info.”
Google Glass - Google Goggles
You’ll never forget a name, either.
Google Glass - Google Goggles
Google Glass - TFL Icon
“ok glass, how’s the Piccadilly Line?”
Google Glass - Piccadilly Line
“ok glass, how do I get to Holborn?”
Google Glass - Central Line Directions
Google Glass - Walking Icon
“ok glass, how far to the top?”
Google Glass - Distance
Google Glass - Notes Icon
“ok glass, show my notes for today’s presentation.”
Google Glass - Keynote
Google Glass - Twitter Icon
“ok glass, send a Tweet to Google. Say…”
Google Glass - Twitter Tweet
Glass helps you keep it short and sweet.
Google Glass - Twitter Tweet Error
Tweet, Tweet.
Google Glass - Twitter Reply
Tap Glass to reply.
Google Glass - Twitter Reply
Swipe to choose another action, like Retweet, or Favorite.
 Google Glass - Twitter Retweet
Google Glass - Twitter Favorite
Google Glass - Location Icon
“ok glass, what’s this building called?”
Google Glass - The Shard
Curious? Tap Glass to find out more.
Google Glass - The Shard
Tap again to purchase with Google Wallet. Enjoy the view.
Google Glass - Google Wallet
Google Glass - Mic Icon
“ok glass, record a memo.”
Google Glass - Voice Memo
Google Glass - Time Icon
“ok glass, what’s the time back home?”
Google Glass - Time
Google Glass - Google Music Icon
“ok glass, play ‘New Lipstick’ by The Kissaway Trail.”
Google Glass - Google Music
Google Glass - YouTube Icon
“ok glass, play my ‘Project Glass’ Playlist.”
Google Glass - YouTube
Google Glass - Google Campus

© Jack Morgan 2013.

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