Duolingo Roll

It’s a tech company tradition to announce faux products on April Fools Day. In 2018, Duolingo announced Brewolingo – a new craft beer brewery inspired by the results of a recent study.
This year, we wanted to outdo ourselves. We know that language learning is hard… so we made it soft. It’s time to turn your bathroom into a classroom with our latest innovation: Duolingo Roll – toilet paper that teaches you phrases in new languages.
Studies have found that the average person spends 14 minutes every day sitting on a toilet. Yet, our research shows that it only takes 5 minutes a day to learn a new language, so our learning scientists systematically engineered a new bottom-up approach to language acquisition. With Duolingo Roll, you can master essential Spanish phrases like, “Tengo esta cebolla y la voy a usar” (“I have this onion and I’m going to use it.”) Or career-defining Japanese ones like, “私の猫は弁護士です” (“My cat is a lawyer.”)
Duolingo Roll is available now for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese speakers. Never miss a language lesson again, because nature is the best push notification.

Let’s roll.

Photo credit: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Duolingo Roll in-hand for English speakers
Duolingo Roll unwrapped
Duolingo Roll lessons unrolled
Duolingo Roll for English speakers
Duolingo Roll for Japanese speakers
Duolingo Roll in-hand for Spanish speakers
Duolingo Roll in-hand for Portuguese speakers
Duolingo Roll in-hand for Chinese speakers
Duolingo Roll family, stacked
Duolingo Roll colors
Duolingo Roll posters on London street
Duolingo Roll poster in New York
Duolingo Roll poster on the London Underground
Duolingo Roll poster on the Japan Metro
Duolingo Roll Instagram Stories
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