Jack Morgan — Design Lead at Duolingo and Google, TED Talks Conference Keynote Speaker

About Jack Morgan

Jack Morgan designs solutions to the world’s biggest problems. He is known for leading global design initiatives at Google and Duolingo, producing an Oscar-qualifying documentary about Syrian refugees watched by more than 1 million people, designing an AI powered test that helps students in developing countries get a college education, and giving popular TED Talks.
He has designed everything from billion dollar apps to craft beer breweries, launched global brands for Fortune 500 companies and spoken on-stage alongside industry legends including Steve Wozniak, Randi Zuckerberg, Luis von Ahn, John Maeda and Don Norman.
His work has been recognized by the United Nations and The Prince’s Trust Royal Charity, and published in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Firstpost, CNN, USA Today, The Post Gazette, ForbesCampaign Magazine, The DrumAdWeekIGN, NPR, PSFK, TechCrunchMacRumorsWiredCNETAdobeBrand New (Under Consideration), brandchannel, DesignTAXI and Smashing Magazine, won the Product Hunt App of the Year Award, was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Designs of 2018, and was nominated for an international design award by Brandemia alongside Airbnb, PayPal and MIT and a Shorty Social Good Award.
Born and raised in London, England, he now lives in the United States.


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